Wednesday, February 21st

11:00am - 12:30pm

Merging New and Old: Languaging Classes for Today's Students
Facilitated by: Rev. Dr. CC Coltrain

This workshop will discuss languaging our teachings, principles, practices, and writings to be more inclusive and more attractive for modern lifelong learners and spiritual seekers, as well as adding new resources to bring SOM to life for younger students.

Facilitated by: Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson

An introduction to American Sign Language and the Deaf community as well as how to become open, welcoming, and affirming of the Deaf community.

Ok Google, How Do I Market My “Why?”
Facilitated by: Rev. Dan Granda and Rev. Ryan Alexander

If you haven’t heard, the Google Ads platform is, by far, one of the most powerful tools available to communities like ours, yet so few of us know anything about it - let alone use it.

In this workshop, we will show you, as a community leader, how this platform can become your best friend. In addition, we will explore the importance of understanding your “big why,” how it influences EVERYTHING your community does, and how to create clear and obvious pathways for engagement that are supported by this “big why.”

Beyond understanding why you are doing what you are doing, we will take a look at how the Google Ads platform is one of the most powerful tools, not only in implementing this strategy but it can also becomes your greatest feedback tool for refining engagement.

With a basic understanding and a solid strategy, this platform is a game changer! And it’s FREE to non-profits!

Yes, We Can Talk About Racism (Even When It’s Hard)
Facilitated by: Dr. Tracy Brown, Rev. Dr. Ptera Weldes, Rev. Karen Fry

Can you engage your community on tough topics (like racism) and stay firmly grounded in spiritual principle? Are you ready to transform racism from a political issue into a leadership development opportunity in your spiritual community? If you are hungry for real conversation with other attendees supplemented by some practical tools that will help you face the impact of racism, this is the session for you.

CSLDallas completed a two-year experiment focused on equipping our leaders to face racism in a healthy and spiritually grounded way. Let us help you avoid predictable landmines and discover tips that encourage maximum engagement. Come share how racism affects the relationships, programs or services offered by your CSL community. Leave with ideas, a checklist, and useful resources you can use to demonstrate the principles of Oneness, Unity and Love.

#Heartivism - An Alternative Activism
Facilitated by: Rev. Bonnie Hess Rose

Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” These words by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are powerful. Yet in an increasingly polarized society, we may fall short of Dr. King’s wisdom. Fear, unconscious agendas, disdain, and reactivity threaten to dismantle our aspirations for global well-being.

What if we moved from re-activism to Pro-activism; from hate-ivism to #Heartivism?

Schooled at the Gandhi Ashram and ServiceSpace (a global organization for kindness), Rev. Bonnie offers principles to help participants create a personal and/or Center-wide “Kindness Ministry.” We will discuss topics such as leading by inner transformation; the paradoxical power of the small; and the inevitability of the ripple effect. Participants will learn from each other, as they move from resistance to joyful persistence. We will gain practical tools and resources for implementation. Above all, participants will uncover ways to bend hearts toward hope -- #heartivism --as we commit to changing the world one small act of kindness at a time.

Thursday, February 22nd

8:00am - 9:30am

Spiritual Activism with an LGBTQ+ Focus
Facilitated by: Rev. Linda Herzer, Rev. Dr. David Alexander, Rev. Jean Bell and Gabrielle Claiborne

Join us for an exploration of the powerful paradox of “Spiritual Activism” and why it is so desperately needed on behalf of LGBTQ+ people. We will start by considering what Spiritual Activism actually is, from a New Thought lens. Then, we will focus in on what engaging in Spiritual Activism might look like, in our communities and beyond, as we “treat and move our feet” to create a world that works for LGBTQ+ people.

This interactive workshop will be facilitated by a diverse team of clergy and members from the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, including a straight, white, cisgender man; a lesbian, black, cisgender woman; a straight, white, transgender woman; and a demisexual, white, cisgender woman.

Volunteers Make Your Community Go ‘Round
Facilitated by: Claudette Gadsden

Some CSL communities got their start years ago when a group of dedicated volunteers came together with a common vision. Regardless of how long your community has been established, your volunteer corps is undoubtedly instrumental to its success. This interactive session will examine the “lifecycle” of a volunteer within CSL – identification, recruitment, on-boarding, development, integration into community operations, recognition, and succession. Join representatives from the CSL Member Council as they explore how to make the volunteer experience a “win-win.”

Org to Org to Org: Leaning into nonprofit collaboration
Facilitated by: Dr. Kasey Wilson

In this session, we will explore how we consciously build collaborations with other like-minded organizations. The world is changing and the church model that served our parents and ancestors, is no longer serving the needs of younger generations and is not cost effective. As we search for new ways of organizing, this session will explore the intentional collaboration of like-minded organizations and the identification and selection of a purpose driven mission that contributes to the wider community beyond our Centers.

Self Care for Social Justice Workers
Facilitated by: Rev. Karen Linsley

In order to move outward into the world, we must first move inward. This workshop will provide you with ways to care for yourself so that you are effective in your work.

Science of Mind in Africa, The Importance
Facilitated by: Rev. Obakeng E R Gaitate

Explore the history of religions in Africa, the current status, the economic connections to religion, and why SOM is the best alternative “Religion” ( Or Philosophy) to the Continent

Thursday, February 22nd

1:30pm - 3:00pm

Soulful Strategies: From Vision to Engagement & Transformation
Facilitated by: Rev. Alan Vukas

In this workshop, we’ll delve deeper into the next steps of your visioning journey. Discover how to effectively work with and integrate the results of your visioning practice into actions that drive meaningful spiritual growth and leadership. This educational and experiential session aims to address the crucial question of ‘what next?’ following visioning. We will explore spiritual principles and practices essential for strategic spiritual planning. You’ll gain practical tools and insights to fully embrace and engage with Spirit’s vision, allowing it to transform you.

Community Cultural Transformation - An Experiment in Collaboration and Values
Facilitated by: Rev. Bobbi Becker & Rev. John DePalma

Growth in many CSL communities has remained static or has decreased for a number of years. The pandemic's effects intensified and greatly impacted the state and status of most spiritual communities from leadership to participation. In early 2022, two CSL communities, Namaste CSL in Long Beach, and Center for Spiritual Living Seal Beach decided to collaborate and explore working together from an agreed set of values and a broad collective vision.

What structural process and spiritual principle(s) can we ground ourselves to generate a more sustainable model of community engagement and a model of operation?

What operational model can we use to minimize the repetitive and devastating effect of minister transitions?

What strategies could we use to address the effects of an aging community, slow adaption to the world around us, and address global issues and the changing needs of our members?

How can we include the community to maximize involvement in the process to enhance creativity and maximize buy-in to a new way of being in the community that is more sustainable?

How can we work together in collaboration from our values to bring about an expansive change in our communities and in turn the world?

Embracing the Third Way
Facilitated by: Rev. Kris Alexander

Join us as we examine the transformative concept of "The Third Way" in this dynamic workshop with Rev. Kris Alexander. While we would prefer to know the "right answer," often we are called to explore multiple ideas, ways of living, and varying perspectives that hold powerful solutions to life's hardest questions. It is time to learn the fine art of both/and thinking over either/or living. Uncover the power of holding paradoxes, learn to navigate challenging situations in your life and the community, and discover the art of finding innovative solutions. Come embrace the wisdom of "The Third Way"!

I AM Visible, Connected & Abundant... And So It Is!
Facilitated by: Eileen Proctor

Best practice tools & strategies to enhance visibility to recruit & retain members, build inclusive geographic & online communities, and build financial abundance through fundraising campaigns & partnerships.

Souls of the Earth Teachings - Indigenous Wisdom Practices & Universal Alchemy
Facilitated by: Brenda Joy Sinclair, RScP

Utilizing the traditional circle as an experiential teaching/sharing protocol, the Science of Mind Teachings of Ernest Holmes are explored through the Indigenous lens of ancient Spiritual Practises.