2024 CSL Final Ballot Candidate Slate

Member Council – No Candidates – 2 Openings

Nominating Council – 1 Candidate – 1 Opening

Rev. Dr. Linda Reppond

Rev. Dr. Linda Reppond lives in Ashland, Oregon, as a retired CSL minister.  Dr. Linda remains a fierce advocate for young, emerging spiritual leaders. Currently serving as the Chair of ReGeneration, the scholarship fund for young people entering ministry.

Dr. Linda was the founding minister of the Launching Pad, a dedicated young adult church in Centers for Spiritual Living.    For over ten years, the Launching Pad has served as a magnet for conscious young adults who chose to live in a community of peers while living their truth and loving their lives.

The vision for this ministry grew out of Dr. Linda’s previous work as the Managing Director for International Youth and Family Ministries for Centers for Spiritual Living.  She served as director of the National Runaway Switchboard, President of the National Network for Youth, and Executive Director for Seattle Youth and Community Services, Special Olympics Washington, and other charities   

Dr. Linda received a Masters in Consciousness Studies at the Holmes Institute in San Diego.  She received her Doctor of Ministry at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley.  She currently serves as the Youth Minister of her home church, CSL Rogue Valley in Medford.


Link to Rev. Dr. Linda’s Interview

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Minister Council Candidates – 2 Openings – 3 Candidates

Rev. Karen Linsley

Rev. Karen Linsley has been a minister with Centers for Spiritual Living Minister since 2014.  She became a Practitioner in 2008, and began designing her own workshops, classes and retreats before the ink on her Practitioner’s license was dry.  She currently serves as an Interim Minister for Centers for Spiritual Living.  For the last 5 years; she has served as an Interim Minister for Mountainside in Placerville, California,  Rio Grande in New Mexico.  Her last assignment serving as an Interim Minister was with CSL Tacoma.

Rev. Karen has a Focus Ministry called Fearlessly Feral Living.  She produces a podcast of the same name. She looks forward to making a difference in the lives of thousands, wherever you listen to podcasts.  Her passion for this ministry was a divine inspiration since her ministry career began.  She loves seeing people enter her workshops with confusion and lack and see them exit with clarity and abundance!  

Rev. Karen lives in a small rural town in Northern Nevada on a 2.5 acre ranchette with her two horses, two dogs and one cat.  She loves to ride her horses, garden, cook, and attend potlucks.


Link to Rev. Karen Linsley’s Interview

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Rev. Marquita Pierre-McAllister

Marquita Pierre-McAlister was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.  At the age of 22, she moved to Alaska. Through her Alaskan experience she developed a real sense of God, realized her own inner light and cultivated the warmth of authentic love. She expanded in personal and spiritual growth.  

After more than 15 years of public service and graduating from Holmes Institute, in 2005, she became the Senior Minister of her “home church” in Anchorage, Alaska.  Under her direction the Center grew in attendance, practitioners and programs. 

Rev. Marquita is past co-chair of the 2013 CSL national convention and past speaker of other CSL gatherings. In the summer of 2012, she left Alaska for the desert of Nevada. In 2014, she established the Center for Spiritual Living Southern Nevada in Las Vegas.  In addition to leading the Center, in 2020 she became a Hospice Chaplain comforting people through their transition in the end of life experience.

She currently is co-writing her first book on the subject of mental illness.  She continues to fulfill her life mission of assisting people in becoming their authentic selves as she serve as a motivational speaker, workshop and retreat facilitator, life coach, spiritual growth consultant and an inspirational singer.  


Link to Rev. Marquita’s Interview

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Rev. Michele Synegal

Rev. Michele recently accepted the position of Senior Minister at Temple of Light CSL in Kingston, Jamaica. She served as senior Minister at Spiritual Empowerment Center, Baltimore for ten years (2006-2016). She served two terms on the Minister Council, one and three year terms respectively where she once co-chaired the Ministers Gathering.

Michele completed four years as the Chair of the Diversity Inclusion Commission ending her term in 2020. Her greatest accomplishment while there was, introducing monthly webinars on full-spectrum diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion issues. She continues her social justice ministry through her company, Management Dynamics, Inc., an award-winning JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) consulting firm bringing light to the world for over 30 years.

She is the published author of two inspirational books and authored and published Widows Speak: A Guide to Healing, Living and Thriving After the Loss of a Loved One this past July.

Ministry is a challenging labor of love and ministers need to be valued, appreciated and supported. Serving my colleagues is an honor and a privilege. I will endeavor to create emotionally and psychologically safe space for ministers to be revitalized, supported, heard and loved. 


Link to Rev. Michele’s Interview

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Practitioner Council – 2 Openings – 3 Candidates

Wendie Condie  RScP

I am a CSL Endorsed Chaplain and work for Bristol Hospice. I have been an active volunteer in the World Ministry of Prayer and a financial supporter of the Archives since 2016.

I am blessed to have diverse work experience and a multifaceted face of what service can look like in a world of opportunities. I worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years.

Becoming a Practitioner for CSL was essential to preparing for my healing, recovery, spiritual growth, and maturity. Still, it builds upon and inspires me to be a better person, solidifies my faith, and captures the incredible awe I have of the preciousness of God's gift of life. 

My position as a medical assistant at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital and serving on the Spiritual Care team was one that has led me in the direction of Chaplain's work.  I have conducted a spiritual groups that provides space and sharing opportunities for patients and their caregivers to explore the challenges and emotional issues.

 I am a certified SQ21 spiritual coach. My testament is; that our world needs a safe and sacred place to explore the truth that the Science of Mind offers. 


Link to Wendie’s Interview

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Germaine Mitchell RScP

Germaine Mitchell, a native of New Orleans, received a NonProfit Management degree from the University of New Orleans, and a Corporate Paralegal Studies degree (with honors) from the Professional Career Development Institute in Atlanta, Georgia.   In 2015, she moved to New Mexico.

In 2015, Germaine's Practitioner Studies path launched through Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living.  She also attended Agape's Practitioner and Unity's Leadership programs.  In August 2022, she became a CSL Licensed Practitioner.

Professionally, Germaine has served nonprofits for thirty years, as Development Director for the National Kidney Foundation, Father Flanagan's Boys Town, Louisiana Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Little Sisters of the Poor, Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, and Solace Crisis Treatment Center.

Germaine has been a Rotary Club member for sixteen years, an Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) member for twenty years, serves on three New Mexico nonprofit Boards, and one National Board. 


Link to Germaine Mitchell’s Interview

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Sharon Whealy RScP

I began attending Centers for Spiritual Living in the fall of 2012, while I was a minister in another church in Santa Rosa, CA.  I was seeking a deeper connection with God/Spirit and found that at CSL-Santa Rosa.  I began taking classes and in 2014 sang a season with the One Heart Choir.

In May 2015 I moved to Bakersfield, CA to complete my bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Religious Studies.  I began attending CSL-Bakersfield where I continued taking classes,  taught in children’s ministry, became a board member serving as treasurer my third year, and served on the Minister Search Committee.  In 2017 I graduated from CSUB with honors and that fall I began the online practitioner training program, becoming a licensed practitioner in 2019.

I moved to Tucson, AZ in June 2021, joining CSL-Tucson.  In February 2023 our minister retired, and it has been my pleasure to serve on the Minister Search Committee, schedule Sunday speakers, teach classes, and give Sunday talks.

It is my honor to be considered to serve on the Practitioner Council, bringing my experience and love of this philosophy to CSL practitioners around the world.


Sharon Whealy’s link to the Interview

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Leadership Council - 1 Lay Member for 1 Opening

Sheila Ellian Lewis

Sheila is known for her calm intensity when navigating complex business ideas and opportunities. She has an inclusive and collaborative work style, and is candid yet thoughtful in her communication. A strategist, she is exceptionally skilled in linking the idea of business growth with the strategic rigor and behavior to achieve it. 

After 15 years in marketing innovation with corporations including Quaker Oats and Visa, Sheila founded two successful consulting firms. She grew the combined firms into a multi-million-dollar business impact enterprise where she served as the CEO until January 1, 2020 when she sold her controlling interest.

Sheila transitioned into philanthropy, first with Tides, a $1.5B philanthropic social venture accelerator in San Francisco. In 2021, she   accepted the inaugural Director, Cross-Organization Operations role at Pivotal Ventures, a Melinda French Gates Company, where she led the development of operational strategies, nurtured culture, and ensured organizational sustainability and impact at scale.  

Dedicated to exhibiting proven leadership principles, Sheila has served in various capacities on 14 nonprofit trustee/director/advisory boards.

Sheila earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing and Management from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA with highest honors in Marketing and Finance from Atlanta University. 


Sheila Ellian Lewis Interview

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Leadership Council - 3 Minister Candidates for 1 Opening

Rev. D. Jacqueline Edwards

Reverend D. Jacquelyn Edwards is a CSL ordained Minister. While Spiritual Leader at First Church of Religious Science, Vallejo (FCRSV); the income of FCRSV increased by 15%. From 2020 to 2023, as the Community and Civic Engagement Minister at East Bay Church of Religious Science,  she initiated and led Voter Education and Financial Literacy projects. 

Currently the Spiritual Leader of Platinum Butterfly Focus Ministry; and Platinum Butterfly Ministries, LLC, her ministry emphasizes spirituality as a path to prosperity, justice, and peace.   

Reverend Jacquelyn is a founding member and past chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Commission; has served on the Spiritually Motivated Socially Engaged Committee; and on the Nominating Council.    

Her extensive Human Resources experience includes executive recruitment, resolving complaints and grievances; developing policies; and negotiating and interpreting contracts.  

Her Board experience includes: 

  • East Bay Church of Religious Science, a CSL community.
  • One Life Institute, an Oakland, CA non-profit committed to spirituality and social action.
  • Tradeswomen, Inc., a San Francisco Based organization creating inroads in skilled trades for women. 

Reverend Jacquelyn has MAs in Organization Development and Change, and Consciousness Studies; and a BA in Human Relations.  Her ministry emphasizes spirituality as a path to prosperity, justice and peace.


Link to Rev. D. Jacqueline’s Interview

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Rev. Staci Hylton

Rev. Staci Hylton is the great-granddaughter to Reverend J. Arthur Twyne, who founded what was known as Eastside Church of Religious Science, (currently known as LA Third in Los Angeles, CA); Religious Science has always been a part of her life. 

Meeting people on their spiritual path has provided a greater sense of purpose and intention for her life. She became a Practitioner then completed her Ministerial studies in June 2014, and was ordained in October 2017.

Rev Staci Hylton currently serves as Co-Senior Minister along with best friend, Rev. Cheryl Bell.  She currently takes on the responsibility of ensuring that they are well-informed leaders who are spiritually and culturally aware so that they can appreciate, uplift, and inspire others.

Rev Staci was elected to serve on the Centers for Spiritual Living’s Ministers Council for 2 terms, she also serves on the Centers for Spiritual Living’s Awards Committee and several Task Forces.  In addition, she works part-time as a Family Advocate for Clark County’s Truancy Diversion Program which is offered by the Eighth Judicial District Court to reduce absenteeism in Clark County schools to reduce the number of youth entering the formal juvenile justice system. 


Link to Rev. Staci’s Interview

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Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh is an inspiring and exciting Coach, Master Teacher, Speaker, Workshop and Retreat Facilitator, founder of Planned Happiness Institute and the PHI Coaching Academy, and the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey. 

Michelle is an incredibly unique, practical teacher who is passionate about you mastering a fully expressed life. She has spent years developing her courses in Forgiveness, Shadow Work, and perfecting her unique approach to working with individuals called the Radical Release Method. She is dedicated to educating people for diversity inclusion. Michelle is the author of four books: Prosperous Me40 Days to Freedom: A Lenten Practice for the Modern Mind, And So It Is, May Silence Be Your Guide and Forgiveness, a Path, a Promise, a Way of Life, a workbook for emotional and spiritual freedom. She is grounded in solid metaphysical principles and brings to her teaching a wide-open heart along with a sense of humor joyfully demonstrated through her laughter and her engaging style. 

Through Centers for Spiritual Living, Michelle has served: the Clergy Council, the Ministers Council, the Diversity Commission, the Leadership Council as Vice-Chair, has served on many subcommittees and has taught for Home Office and is currently serving as the Region 11 coordinator. 


Link to Rev. Michelle’s Interview

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Leadership Council – 1 Practitioner Candidates for 1 Opening

Luisa Rivera RScP

Luisa Rivera serves with great passion and dedication, utilizing proactive planning, detailed preparation, and sound development, led by principles, values, and spiritual downloads, Luisa takes a vision, and, in the co-creative flow of Divine Energy, transforms it into reality. Intuitively, she sees the threads of meaningful opportunity revealed in an organization and its group activities, and dynamically connects these threads, establishing and reinforcing a cohesive community.

She brings balance, playfulness, fun, and delight, embodying the deep joy of Spirit. Luisa is skillfully tuned to the seriousness of business, conjoined with the softness and richness of Universal Love.

With her positive attitude, expansive thinking, and magnetic energy, Luisa wholeheartedly encourages and inspires others, as they discover the perfect Truth of their being and their lives.

Devoted in her relationships, including with her precious pets, her heart is filled with awe and wonder, and her life is overflowed with happiness and Grace.

Luisa is an avid reader, and artist, creating with various mediums.

With an open heart and mind, she enthusiastically loves volunteering, knowing the great and wonderful power of sublime circulation.


Link to Luisa’s Interview

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